MaineCoon Cattery - Denmark


“The Gentle Giant”
An affectionate, big, playful and loving cat


LagunaLeo Woden & GentleCatEyes Belle

Expecting kittens late April, first of May 2021.
Sire: LagunaLeo Woden *RU Dam: GentleCatEyes Belle *DK
DNA testing N/N for: HCM, PKDef & SMA

LagunaLeo Woden *RU

LagunaLeo Woden *RU is part of our upcomming breeding program.
When I chosed to be a registret breeder i spent 6 months looking for the perfect start to acknowledge the standart of the breed.

The choice fell upon this magnificent black (smoke) boy from Svetlana – LagunaLeo from Russia. Woden is an affectionate and very gentle, playful, loving big cat.


Kittens will be displayed on our homepage, but is not for sale before they are 10 weeks old atleast.

As a breeder its important to follow the kittens development. Does it live up to the expectations and the standart of the mainecoon for breed/show or not.

Kittens will not leave the cattery before they are 16 weeks old.

Kittens will be socialized and healthy with quarentee from LeoNoir Cattery.

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